Abydos Entertainment is an independent game development/server tech studio. Our studio is based in Dublin at the GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre).

Most independent developers want to create, either a world, character or mechanic that brings people together. The concepts from games span many other platforms and genres. And we love that, content breeds content, a win win situation.

But how is this relative to our goal at Abydos?

As I write this post there are hundreds if not millions of people playing online, we know that these worlds are now mostly always online.

We want to express our hope that this breakthrough in connectivity with our Nxtgen server tech will propagate new worlds. Imagine your favourite open world game, then put yourself in it with 9,999 others, all playing at the same time in the SAME SPACE, not broken up but all together interacting.

What can you do? 

Team Abydos needs your help, we’ve worked on a first person shooter that tests our server tech. We need your help to push it to the limits, join in on our testing, help push technology forward for gaming and developers.

Abydos’s World Record Event will take place at the web summit in Dublin, Ireland, 4-6th of November, 2014.

Sign up online. 

Share it, play it and if you can, break it (with numbers).

Team Abydos.