Zombie Ablockalypse, by Gazzapper Games, is a fast arcade action game with colourful cartoon graphics. The premise of the game is that your civilians are under threat from a Zombie Virus that is spreading fast throughout the towns. The game is an entry for the 2015 IGMC (Indie Game Maker Contest) in the action category and runs on a Windows PC.

This is the second year of the IGMC, brought to you by Game Dev Fort in cooperation with Humble Bundle, where indie’s are challenged to make the best game they can in just one month, July 7th-Aug 7th, throw that game in the ring with its peers and see whose game shall emerge victorious.

Zombie Ablockalypse, by Gazzapper Games, and Irish based indie is an addictive game and suitable for younger family members too as there are no deaths in the game! That’s right you heard right, no one dies, the Hero’s only task is to cure all the infected using state-of-the-art pellet guns before he himself catches the Zombie virus.

The gameplay is contagious and lots of fun as Private Joe Blockhead (our Hero) of the Block Marine Corp has to collect many different types of equipment to help him succeed.

Along with the shooter action strategy there are other game dynamics at play here, the hero can recruit other civilians to fight along-side him or to protect a specific area of the playing field. The new recruits will continue to cure Zombies until they too are infected with the virus.

A small building blocks feature is also present in the game, this allows you to drop mini blocks from the materials you collect. The blocks can act as a cordon to segregate the Zombies from healthy civilians thus helping to contain the infection.

The features combined allow varied tactics to be employed and mean there is more than one way to play the game. Shooter fans can just go all Gung-Ho, while the more tactical players can choose smarter management of the infection using the resources to seal off areas of infection.

The game has a Global High Score table for players to compete against one another to reach the top and also has two game modes comprising of Level clearance mode and Survival mode.

Level clearance mode is the mode that you are expected to implement clever tactics, strategy or brute force to win.

Survival mode is faster and more difficult, as the Zombies are more aggressive and the game only ends when your character has been infected! Plus is survival mode is also scored on time as the longer you survive the higher your chances of getting onto the Survival mode high score table.

A future update for the game will also include Co-op and Versus play with a second player. The game can be played using the keyboard or a dual stick gamepad controller similar to Xbox 360 pad or Logitech F310 (preferred).

All assets are original and were created solely for this project. All sound effects were made using only human vocals and a high quality cardiod microphone.


To play the IGMC version of the game visit this link below and if you enjoy it share with others –

Gazzapper Games are an Irish indie game studio that focuses on retro-styled games. Setup around late 2013, they have a number of titles available on Google Play. Downloads for their games to date are nearing the 1 million mark.