Games Fleadh

15th March 2012 
Games Fleadh – Digital Games Festival - LIT - Tipperary
14th to 15th March 2012

Games Fleadh, Ireland’s largest computer & console games programming festival and includes the following events;

Robocode Ireland
XNA Game Studio Ireland Challenge Colleges Cup
DirectX Ireland Challenge
Gaming Tournaments
GamesPro Talks
Global Game Jam

Games studio experts will delivered a series of talks on all aspects of games design and development 14th March and judge XNA Game Studio Ireland Challenge Colleges Cup and DirectX Ireland Challenge.


Address : Games Fleadh, Department of Technology, Media & Science , LIT-Tipperary, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
Email : GamesFleadh [at] lit [dot] ie
Telephone : +353 504 28258

Other Events

[10.05.14] Galway Gamecraft
[17.05.14] Dublin Gamecraft
[24.05.14] Coding Grace/Art
[06.06.14] Irish Game Based Learning Conf
[07.06.14] London Gamecraft
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