Gut Games is a teeny tiny Dublin based studio which has just launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund its first game, Delta Legend – Magic of the Blues. Delta Legend is a fantasy action RPG which draws its inspiration, setting and, of course, soundtrack from the history and folklore which surrounds Blues Music. The studio has been working to generate media interest in the project, which can be challenging for a small, new studio, but has received positive coverage and reviews of the campaign to date.


The game is about three little demons who enlist the help of a troubled Bluesman in their quest to save their home realm of Pandemonium – a Blues wonderland. Players can switch between multiple characters as they undertake missions in this open world, learning new songs to defeat enemies in musical duels. Each character has a different skill set – both musical and magical – and you can switch back and forth between Pandemonium and Delta City, the realm of humans. These two realms have a symbiotic relationship and actions in one can drastically alter the fate of the other, leading to interesting and infinite possibilities.


For people who are not that familiar with the Blues, the game will be a fun process of discovery but the narrative and gaming aspects of the project are strong and engaging enough that you would not need to be a fan of the blues to enjoy the game. The idea of creating a fantastic “Bluesland” allowed us to introduce fun elements related to the music genre (such as all crazy types of electric guitars ) and float around any period of time and history. By doing so all variations and types of blues can fit the soundtrack, which intends to explore all the different facets of the genre. That’s some of the logic to all of this madness. The Blues is our inspiration and it adds texture and life to the game, but at the end of the day the game is a product and can be enjoyed on many levels – we see it as an added bonus if players develop a new appreciation for the music.

Delta Legend


Delta Legend is interesting as it demonstrates an ability to compliment the contemporary art of game design with the timeless art of the Blues and has a core ambition to create an energetic collaboration between two creative communities – Game Developers and Musicians. If funding is successful, development will involve an open collaboration with blues musicians to create a soundtrack which is fully integrated with the gaming experience, bringing the Blues to life for a new audience. Furthermore, if we achieve out funding goal we will be looking to expand and collaborate with other game development professionals in order to realise the Delta Legend vision.


Please check out Delta Legend’s Promotional Campaign at the following link:


We hope that you like what you see and that you might take the time to support a home-grown project by sharing, tweeting and backing us if you have the means! We would love to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved in the game – do not hesitate to contact us directly!