IndiEire Games seek the following 3 upaid intern positions for the next 3-6 months.

– 2D/Concept Artist
– Marketing
– 3D ArtistDRAGON'S tALE

We need these roles filled to help us with the expansion of our recently released Dragon’s Tale game and possibly a version geared towards an older demographic. We are also in the planning stages of a game based on Irish mythology.

These roles will be Dublin-based but working remotely is also an option. (All roles will start as intern roles but you will be credited as part of the team not as an intern).

*2D ARTIST – WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: You will have to be creative and enthusiastic about conceptualising and designing characters and creating assets. You may have to follow along previously created styles on some projects.

*3D ARTIST – WHAT DO WE NEED FROM YOU: You would need to be familiar with standard rigging and animation techniques in Blender. You would need to be familiar with how your animated models fit into the Unity engine and to give them realistic walk/run/shoot/die cycles.

*MARKETING – WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU: Come up with unique marketing plans for all relevant outlets. Take control of the company’s social media and post our work flow and keep the followers up to date. Grow our followers.

We can give you a credit on the game as well as allowing you to use it for your portfolio. There may be an opportunity for a shared stake in the company if you fit the team.

We use Maya, 3Ds Max, ZBrush and mostly Blender for modelling our game models and assets. We use Gimp, Inkscape and some photoshop for our 2D art and concepts. We use fully licenced copies of Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M and we’ve been wowed by the the realism it gives our models and assets. Truth be told, we’ve spent a bit too much time with Substance software because we’ve been so impressed with its results. We are using Unity 5.6 as our game development engine.


The Company Consists of two devoted and passionate gamers. IndiEire’s Founder Colm Leonard – Colm has released his own games on the Android Store and is a skilled C# coder and does a lot of the other elements like art and modelling for our games. Loves to be a sniper and run over people on the motorbike in Battlefield 1.

IndiEire’s Co Founder James Gouldsbury – James has years of experience in the creative industries and is an avid gaming fan. He brings solid conceptual and 3D modelling skills to IndiEire Games. Loves to capture flags and drive tanks in Battlefield 1


You want to come work with us for the Summer and join our weekly Monday meeting rocket shooting contest?

Drop us a line, check us out at and @IndiEire_Games / @IndiEireGames on social Media.

We are on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Please submit  your CVs/Portfolios to

Thanks again for reading our post and hope to hear from you talented people..


Dragons Tale
Developer: IndiEire Games
Price: Free

A fun puzzle game on a 3 dimensional grid. Match 2 or more treasures to complete the grid and progress through the map unlocking cute baby dragons along the way.
Currently there is 1 map with 15 levels and 9 dragons to collect.