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    Jamie McCormick

    Got this in on my alerts


    Games as Art vs. Games as Business: The Indie Developer’s Dilemma

    Do you see games as an art? Or as a business? The reason many developers opt for the indie route is because they are passionate about games and want to make the games they love. However, an indie games studio is also a business fighting for survival. How do you make the games you love while creating a sustainable business? Hear from one indie developer who is navigating this territory. Expect lessons learned, mistakes made, top tips and maybe even an amusing anecdote or two.

    Elaine Reynolds
    Co-founder and CEO

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    Yes I saw that on twitter…

    Anyone going to Develop in Brighton in July?


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    Hoping to make my annual pilgrimage to Brighton, looking forward to Elaine’s talk.

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    Jamie McCormick

    yeah, i hope to go this summer too

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