(Edit 25/11/09) This competition is now closed.


Anyone who was at the last shindig in Dublin will have had a chance to preview and discuss the forthcoming launch of Allods Online by Gala Networks Europe.

Now Gala Networks Europe, the Dublin based publisher of free MMORPGs, has partnered with GameDevelopers.ie to promote the launch of Allods Online.

Developed by Russia’s leading developer, Astrum Nival, Allods Online offers players a subscription quality, AAA MMORPG experience, completely free for life, and with no subscriptions.

All that is required to play is a free account on the www.gPotato.eu portal, and registration with the Allods Online Closed Beta Lottery at http://en.allods.gpotato.eu/ad

But we have a hundred beta keys to give away directly to GameDevelopers.ie readers. To get your beta key, simply send a PM (via the gd.ie forums) titled “Gimme a Allods Online Beta Key” to jamiemc on the forums.

Please note: This competition is for the English version of Allods Online and is only available to existing and active GD.ie members. Newly registered users from outside Ireland will not receive beta keys in this competition.

If you are run a games related college course or society in Ireland, please specify what college, course or society you are with, and you can get up to ten beta keys.

You can find out more about Allods Online at http://facebook.com/allodsonline-en ,
http://twitter.com/allodsonline_en and
http://youtube.com/allods .

Find out more about the game by clicking on the news button at http://allods.gPotato.eu

Thanks to Gala Networks Europe and Jamie for the codes!