This guy has done the music for a lot of games and his game credit list includes games for Playfirst and Big Fish games see for the full list. Below is the press release for the event.

They are also looking for people to showcase their own games….



A Day in the Life of a Music Maker for Video Games & Film
Twisted Pepper

31st October


Tickets 10 euro online or 12 at the door

Danish Composer for video games and films, Thomas Regin, and a number of amateur & pro games developers, filmmakers and musicians will be at the Twister Pepper, on Saturday 31st October (2pm-5pm) as part of the series of events that provoke idea sharing and inspiration, with passionate speakers, and cool conversation with people from diverse industries.

All films need music and all video games need music… so what we want to do is bring the worlds together for a brief afternoon :)

If you just want to come, all you need is a curious nature… and a ticket – you can get tickets (just 10 euro online) on our website:

If you want to showcase what you are working on, in video games, film or music, email and get free tickets for you and a friend!

Halloween costumes are welcome :)