DemonWare have unveiled their new BitDemon Netcode 1.5 system which supports console and PC multiplayer games. BitDemon 1.5 is available with client/server and peer-to-peer support and is available for Xbox, PS2, PC and Linux with impending support for PSP.

DemonWare have also announced that leading US studio, 5000FT (Reno, NV), is the latest studio to licence BitDemon for an upcoming AAA multi-platform title. "I’m very happy with this iteration of BitDemon," said Sean Blanchfield, DemonWare CTO, "I think developers will find it straight-forward to use and well thought out. Now that we support peer-to-peer networking, as well as client-server, we have the most relevant solution no matter what kind of game you are developing."

You can evaluate BitDemon 1.5 at:

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