This course at the the University of Ulster, Coleraine enables a student to study for a computing degree with a specialist theme of computer game development. The focus of the course is on game design and programming for modern games platforms, for example, in the past students have been taught about game creation for the PC, Xbox, PS2 and mobile phones. Research at Coleraine is strong in computer game AI, internet and network systems, as well as mainstream Artificial Intelligence, and these themes feature strongly in lectures. The course overview is illustrated in the following table:

Year/Sem BSc Hons Computing (Digital Games Development)
1/1 Programming I Databases Computing Foundations
1/2 Programming II Information Systems Computer Technology
1/2 Advanced Programming Internet Applications / Multimedia Concepts Networks
2/1 Systems Applications Professional Issues / Multimedia Practice Introduction to Computer Games (2D Technology)
3 Industrial Placement
4/1 E-Business Applications Development Computer Game Design & Development(3D Technology)
4/2 Final Year Game Development Project 3-D Modeling and Rendering Option (a) & (b)
Options (a) Options (b)
1 From:
Machine Learning and Data Mining
Operational Research Methods
Image Processing
1 From:
Advanced Computer Networks
Advanced Database Systems
Intelligent Systems

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