Previously available as a facebook game Farmvillian is available from this week as an iphone app.

Below is the press release from our friends in Jolt.



08/10/10 – Dublin, Ireland

After four submissions to the App Store, including one rejection from Apple on the basis that Chuck Norris wouldn’t like it (we’re really not making this up-check the story here: ),

Jolt Online Gaming is very proud to announce that FarmVillain is now available on the iPhone App Store.

Download the FarmVillain app and you can take revenge on all the online farming apps and games out there with its oh-so-amusing stories and borderline offensive jokes.

Trust us here at Jolt, the FarmVillain app will make you far less likely to murder your friends for *once again* asking you to harvest their Dingleberries while they’re on vacation.

FarmVillain. We’re sort of trying to save the world. By selling you funny crap one 99c download at a time.

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It’s completely free so there’s no reason that you don’t already have it.

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