The team behind Games Fleadh have announced that Games Fleadh 2011 will honour a classic from the ‘Golden Age of Video Arcade Games’, Frogger © Konami Digital Entertainment.

Frogger was released by Konami in 1981 and is still recognised as one of the iconic games from the past three decades. In fact, Frogger is such an icon that it has featured on TV programmes, cartoons, car bumper-stickers, T-shirts and celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of a special edition on games consoles such as Xbox 360.

With the approach of the 30th anniversary of Frogger’s original arcade release, students from all over Ireland will be preparing their own interpretations of classic game, under licence from Konami.

James Anderson, Head of Amusement Business in Europe for Konami Digital Entertainment, said “Konami are delighted to endorse this student portfolio event and we look forward to reviewing the best interpretations of Frogger that spring from Games Fleadh. Frogger truly is one of the fore fathers of the games industry and it’s good to see its iconic classic brand status recognised”.

Completed work will be judged by game studio executives during the Games Fleadh finals at Tipperary Institute in March 2011. The annual event is Irelands’ main games design and development student showcase for the hugely influential video games sector.

Students re-interpret classics using the latest technology and are challenged to conceive innovative art, audio and gameplay for highly regarded titles – such as Konami’s Frogger. Games Fleadh 2011 includes two challenges, XNA and DirectX 11, which target platforms such as Xbox 360, Windows 7 and soon to be released Windows Phone 7.

James Greenslade, Head of ICT Department for Tipperary Institute said “the games industry is a highly rewarding and challenging sector. Taking part in Games Fleadh and honouring Frogger will give students first-hand experience of working within the confines of an intellectual property licence. This is a unique opportunity to work on a famous title from a leading developer and publisher such as Konami Digital Entertainment”.

Previous entries, having impressed the professional community, have been exhibited in art galleries” (under licence)”and even more importantly to games industry hiring executives”.

Details for Games Fleadh 2011 are available on

Games Fleadh finals will take place on March 9th and 10th 2011.

Students can get started by downloading a Starter Kits available for the site.

If your school or college is interested in becoming involved they should contact Philip Bourke, Programme Chair: BSc. Games Design & Development, Tipperary Institute on 0504 28258 or via email at

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