So November, Friday the 16th is shaping up to be quite a busy day so here is a heads up.

1) We are going to do a press release and a feature on based on the survey we have been badgering you all about for the past few months. So yes, finally the findings.

2) We are considering hosting a workshop or two on some of the business related issues that have come up at the last few indie meets. The Digital Skills Academy in the Digital Hub have agreed to host us. Jamiemc will post a poll on the forums to see what is most of interest.

3) The GAME exhibition in the Science Gallery is opening that day and they have agreed to give us ( folks) a guided tour at 7pm on Friday the 16th! It is free but this way you get to visit with folks.

4) We have reserved space in the Lombard, across the street from the Science Gallery, to have a shindig and meet and greet after the tour. For those who can’t make the tour just turn up in the Lombard. Details in the calendar. No agenda this time, just meet and greet.

A lot more detail to come.