We are looking for a web application engineer to build content and LiveOps tools that will control the in-game experience for millions of players in our upcoming mobile game. You will need extensive technical expertise, the ability to work independently, and commitment to follow through on big ideas.


As a game developer at WarDucks, you are part of an agile, cross-functional and experienced team, building amazing multiplayer games. Your responsibilities would include building cutting-edge web tools for our Game Designers, Game Operators, Analysts, and Community Managers. You are always on the lookout for ways to help your fellow team members, optimizing workflows and creating tools that enable others to be creative.




  • Overall responsibility of game operations tools (content, player support, in-game communication, etc…)
  • Identify and solve problems in our content creation workflows and pipelines
  • Actively participate in finding the best solution for new engine and tools features
  • Design, implement and maintain user interfaces




  • A full understanding of how to build and deploy RESTful services
  • A deep understanding of ES6 standard JavaScript and best practices
  • 3+ Experience delivering production quality, highly performant web application interfaces
  • 3+ Years Experience using JavaScript Application Frameworks: AngularJS, Angular2+, Vue.js or similar
  • Experience configuring and developing with modern web technologies: ASP.Net, Typescript, WebPack, Node.js, SCSS, etc.
  • Ability to write well-structured code and create robust solutions
  • Efficient communicator
  • A passion for games and game development




  • Experience with mobile games a plus
  • Experience with C# a plus
  • Experience with Unity a plus


About WarDucks


WarDucks is an all-star development studio known for top-notch entertainment software. After a series of hit VR games, we are now developing an exciting (unannounced) Augmented Reality game for mobile platforms. We’ve pulled together a tight team of experienced game devs from around the globe, and we’re building a new kind of gaming experience that we can hardly wait to show you!

If you are interested in applying, e-mail your C.V and cover letter to patrick@warducks.com

**Posted April 24th 2020