Rewrite Games, an indie development team in TU Dublin’s School of Media, has won two awards at Ireland’s Games Fleadh, which took place on the 4th March, in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. 

Their game Ourea, a cinematic puzzle PC game, picked up two awards as the team of 5 came home with the Best Game Built Using A Game Engine and Best in Social Impact awards. 

Ourea is a cinematic narrative game about discovering the harrowing past of a long-forgotten world.

Overcome environmental puzzles as you ascend an ancient and mysterious mountain in search of what happened to those who inhabited it before.

The protagonist Glyf is the last of the Oreads, an ancient species of mountain nymphs who inhabited the planet Ourea for centuries. The Oread species drew energy from immense heat or fire through their natural power. Using the trees and natural life that surrounded them, the Oreads lived off the land, subsequently destroying nature in the process.

Having been very well received at the show, the team won both awards against 32 other teams.

Speaking of the awards, Gary O’ReillyProduction Lead at Rewrite Games said “We’re delighted to receive these awards at Games Fleadh and to meet so many people looking forward to Ourea’s release. It is a huge motivation for us, and we aim to deliver a fun yet thought provoking game in May.” 

The team consists of five students with Conor Barron on Art, Robyn Behan on Narrative and Art, Tom Eustace on Design, Samuel Hegner on Tech and Gary on Production.

You can find out more about Ourea and sign up for the upcoming demo at

You can also follow the game’s development on social media at and

Ourea is releasing on Steam in May 2020. Take a look at the trailer. Well done all.