The Gender & ICT symposium is a joint initiative of the Policy Research
Centre on Equal Opportunities (Belgium), the European SIGIS (Strategies of Inclusion: Gender and the Information Society) Network, The Dutch Association for Gender & Technology (the Netherlands) and Digitales (Belgium). It aims to be a meeting point for researchers from different disciplines and research schools that are familiar with ICT and gender studies, women’s studies or feminist studies.

A morning session will feature keynote lectures by Wendy Faulkner (Edinburgh University, Scotland), Merete Lie (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and Eileen Green (University of Teesside, England).

During the afternoon, eight parallel sessions will take place on the
following topics:
– Strategies of inclusion for women through the development of products
geared to female audiences
– Myths about men, women and ICT
– Women’s career paths in the ICT sector
– E-learning in a gendered world
– Designing gender or gendering design ?
– Inclusion policies for education, social inclusion and ICT
– Using ICT in everyday life
– Flexibility and control in new work arrangements related to ICT
– Teaching with/in ICT
– ICT as a tool for the empowerment of women

The registration fee is 20 EURO and the deadline for registration is 14 January 2004

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