is an e-learning website developed by Intel®Ireland, AIB and The Irish Times. The World Summit award involved a review of over 800 e-products from 130 countries. From these 40 exemplars across 8 categories were chosen by experts from 36 countries. The categories were: e-learning, e-culture, e-science, e-government, e-health, e-business, e-entertainment and a special category: e-inclusion.

Interestingly the World Summit Award is a three year global project, held in cooperation with the World Summit on the Information Society 2003-2005 (WSIS). The WSIS is a global platform which brings together Heads of State and Government, Executive Heads of United Nations agencies, national delegates and leaders from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), industry leaders, media representatives and civil society.

The purpose of the Summit is to develop a common vision and understanding of the information society and the adoption of a declaration and plan of action to reduce the digital divide. people might be interested to know that Idora, active on the forums on this site, has been very involved in this project.

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