The German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce is hosting a trade mission from Germany at the beginning of September aimed at establishing and maintaining German-Irish business partnerships in the Software Development and Online-gaming sector.


The Irish Digital and Software space is one of the fastest growing sectors in Ireland and its future is being further strengthened and developed through state initiatives.  Over the last 30 years Ireland has become a hub for many of the world’s leading IT, software and online-gaming companies gaining it international recognition as a centre of excellence.

Against this background, the German-Irish Chamber, in cooperation with the Federal German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, is running the “Software Development and Online-gaming” trade mission from 8th to 11th September 2015.

Irish companies have many opportunities to get involved:

1) Market Study: Irish market experts will be consulted in the process of the creation of a software and online-gaming market study for the Irish market. This will be published in August.

2) Conference “German Digital Innovation Summit”: Irish market experts will be invited to participate in a conference in Dublin on the 8th of September. This conference will bring together German and Irish expertise in the area of software, online gaming and educational gaming. In addition a visiting delegation of German companies will present innovative solutions for the Irish and international market. A draft programme will be available by 31st July 2015. Pre-register and secure your place.

This conference will bring together German and Irish expertise in the area of software and online gaming. Presentations by German and Irish experts will cover topics such as:

1- Software Development opportunities between Germany and Ireland
2 – Change in video game paradigm
3 – Needs for alternative financing
4 – International co-production and Business models
5 – Educational games development based on entertainment products
6 – Case studies presented



As part of this event, the visiting German companies offering Software and Online-Gaming solutions will travel to some Irish workplaces to explore co-operation opportunities in the three days following the conference (9th – 11th September). Contact if you are interested in this opportunity.

Participants so far include (click here for one-page overview of all companies, or click on the company names below for their respective profiles):

Beardshaker Game – Educational Online-Gaming: Beardshaker Game’s product portfolio contains solutions to promote education and further training among young to middle aged children as well as grown-ups. They have specialised on software to learn languages in a having fun way. Especially in the English speaking area they already have successfully completed some projects. Beardshaker Game offers everything, from the development over implementation and conception to continuous support.

Bittner+Krull – System solutions for mobile workforce: The company develops and sells complete solutions for mobile workforce management, remote reading and smart metering in the energy sector. B+K specializes in holistic solution concepts built on the Argos standard software: backed up with a comprehensive range of performance offerings in consulting, infrastructure, support and the development of add-ons for SAP systems.

B-interaktive – Mobile-Gaming: The enterprise designs mobile games in cooperation with renowned brands and partners. The current portfolio consists of two mobile gaming products suitable for the Irish market. The German game KNIFFEL (English title: Dice Duel) as well as the social music quiz called Emoji Stars.

Experimental Game – Software and Gaming: They are focusing on the development and market launch of a new kind of process management tool for producing interactive series concepts. This technology makes it possible to transfer analogue serial content such as a book, magazine, script or even television series formats quickly and cost-effectively into the digital world.

Kunst-Stoff – Videogames and Gaming: It is an independent gaming creator and producer, with a longstanding experience in the entertainment sector, and focusing on mobile games. They are actively doing research and development in sector of serious games and having several projects in process in this area.

Pfeffermind – Gaming developer: Besides developing its own cross-platform projects from mobile to real world gaming, the company works as a gamification consultant for business customers, advising them on employing game mechanics in non-games contexts. Pfeffermind is currently working with leading players from the insurance, health care and transportation sectors in Germany.

SemKnox – IT and semantic language software: It offers a Smart Semantic Product Search to its customers. SEMKNOX understands complex search queries in everyday language and thereby offers your visitors a completely new shopping experience.

The Good Evil GmbH – Gaming developer: The company offers interactive experiences and transmedia solutions for clients ranging from educational institutions, media companies, NGOs to private enterprises. Its product portfolio includes serious games, especially game-based learning and news games.

Tutorize GmbH – Software and video training systems: Their overall solution, the Talent Development Suite, combines the modules learning, talent, recruitment and knowledge management in one system. It is the best tool available on the market, to manage a company’s personnel cycle: Employee Recruitment, Employee Development, Employee Training, and Employee Retainment.

Zeitland – Media and videogames: Specialized in the development of games and apps for iOS, Android and the web the company provides conception of apps and interactive experiences, game design for videogames and hybrid games, user experience design and graphical interface design, software development of frontends and server backends for games and apps, and transmedia storytelling and storyworld development.