Ahead of the launch of the Irish Computer Games Survey 2012 this coming November, we would like to have as accurate figures as possible. We have results from over 70 companies from our February report, but during the intervening six months there have been a couple of companies who have laid off staff or shut down, but also a decent number of new games companies setting up, taking on additional staff (whether full or part time, or interns), or switching from part-time projects to full-time projects.

This survey is being run for GameDevelopers.ie to enable everyone inside and outside of the industry to have an up-to-date view of the computer games industry here in Ireland in 2012.

It’s objectives are to identify the size, scale, spread and makeup of the industry that exists on the island of Ireland today.

Overall job breakdowns by county will not be released, as the regional form allows some anonymity, and only companies who specify they want to be identified will be named in the rollcall.

Please participate in the October report before 31st October 2012 via http://tinyurl.com/irishgamessurveyoct12

We are also running an expatriate survey and are requesting that Irish people working in the games industry who are now abroad participate at http://tinyurl.com/irishexpatgamessurvey2012.

This will be an ongoing survey into 2013, and with this we hope to identify why people left Ireland, would they ever come back, and what skills they have now, to cross reference against the ICGS and identify areas where skills can be developed. It’s also an opportunity for the games diaspora to check in, no matter how long ago it’s been.

Finally, any companies that would like to register for the report’s launch in Dublin in mid-November, participate in a short show-and-tell of your game that you’ve released since 2011 at the same event as the launch of the report, please PM jamiemc via the forums here on gd.ie.