Well the weekend’s IGDA Global Games Jam has come to an end and over 48 hours, teams all over the world worked to create games based on a common theme. This year the theme was ‘extinction’.

In Ireland there were two venues for jams, the Tipperary Institute and Griffith College Dublin.

In Tipperary the weekend was organised by Philip Bourke, Course Coordinator for Tipperary Institute’s Games Design and Development course who said “this is as real as it gets, the sandbox nature of these projects allow students to experiment with games design, development and game-play in collaboration with their peers”.

In all Tipperary saw twenty two concepts pitched and these were eventually narrowed down to just four, Petals, What We Do Now, Human Kind and Petri Paridice. Teams were formed with games programmers, artists, musicians and audio technicians, all of whom are essential in any games development team.

Photographs of the weekend in Tipperary can be obtained from http://tinyurl.com/GGJ2011Photos

All Games produced in Tipperary will be showcased during the annual computer and console game programming festival Games Fleadh next March 9th & 10th at Tipperary Institute. For more information see www.gamesfleadh.ie

All games produced during Global Game Jam are available from the www.globalgamejam.org website.

And I have just noticed that they have a video from Tipperary on the Global Games Jam frontpage!

Well done to all.