members and Filmbase are coming together to organise three days where indie developers and enthusiasts can come together and work on projects. The events will take place on the 19th of February, the 26th of March and the 30th of April.

The event is amed at full-time or part-time indie developers, artists interested in making games, professionals happy to make stuff for the fun of it and creatives from other media interested in games.

The main thing is to provide a regular location where you know you will find similar minded people making games. Overall it will be a relaxed atmosphere where people will have plenty of chances to interact.

The idea is that on the day participants will work on a collective topic and try to design game ideas around that topic. You can also choose to demo a project you are working on or act as an expert for the day on some tool or process.

People could work solo or in groups and we will make some effort to try team people up should they wish, particularly any lone wolves or creatives from other fields feeling a bit lost. There won’t be any formal training, lectures or workshops going on – so some degree of self-sufficiency is expected. Participants should bring their own laptop and digital tools. Tables, chairs and internet connection will be provided.

FilmBase in TempleBar, Dublin, have generously sponsored a room for the first three indie developer days, starting on the 19th Feb (also 26th March, 30th of April). FilmBase are tasked with supporting indigenous film makers and they are interested in the cross-over of films into games culture, process and concepting; and vice versa. We will be based in one of their training rooms, with access to the cafe (coffee, tea, brownies, crisps and what not).

There will be limited spaces, approximately 20, with priority for people who will volunteer their time on the day. Tickets will be free and a ticketing systme for this will be announced soon.

At this stage please spread the word and volunteer your ideas and time on the forums.