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I would hold off on rushing to judgement. I’ve known people on the Interzone side in US since the company started and there is definitely another side to the story. Least of all that the Perth studio was years and millions over budget. I know for a fact that the Government only gave IZ about half the incentives it promised to open a studio there, and that private investors have dumped over $30,000,000 into the company – so it’s definitely not government funded. My opinion from what I know is that the Perth team failed miserably. This is also the fault of the US company and management not putting the right leadership in place in such a remote studio. I agree with david4482, if they are going to finish the game they need to get some highly talented hired guns with a proven history to get the game on track. I am a soccer fanatic and I want to play this game, I hope they get it finished.