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      Anybody heard of these guys? One for the company list.


      The Dublin Office:
      ph: +35316908040

      Unit 6
      Bay 2
      Digital Depot
      Roe Lane
      The Digital Hub
      Dublin 8

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      They are licensing Big World tech, (MMO back end), which are these guys:


      Pretty well known in the Aussie market place.

      Screens of the football game title can be seen here:

      Looks like its target market is Brazil (rightly so – Gamasutra had a feature on the size of that market, plenty of opporunities for the right product.)

      Welcome and best of luck to all involved.


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      I’d possibly hold off on the well wishes for now…

      Perth Game Company CEO Takes IP By Night


      More Info from Kotaku

      Surely this isn’t all kinds of wrong?

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      Oh boy!

      Who’s predicting news in about a year – Irish Tax Office scammed out of Euro 500,000, and angry employees not paid in 6 months. Followed by "new games company opening in Northern Ireland!!!"

      From the various news snippets, it *looks* like these guys are chasing government hand-outs to fund their game in countries / areas who currently don’t have a games industry, and where the government is probably chomping at the bit to hand out money to companies coming in with IP.

      I feel sorry for the Perth team – they got royally screwed over…

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      Yeah it’s a crazy situation.
      From the posts on Kotaku it sounds like the development was muddled through without the people it needed. I admire the work ethic of those who stayed but I don’t think there is any point in hanging around on a project like that for the hope of remuneration at the end (or next month, next month) as without the right people on it the game will never be a success in any market. And as for experience, you would do better to work for free a few hours a week in a studio with experienced leads.

      I also would question if a second life type engine is the right approach to what is at its core a football game all off the pitch interaction not withstanding. Prob could have knocked out a better web game with Unity in less time. I hope anyone who is working there or considering applying goes in eyes open.

      By the time they get a cohesive team together now it might have been better to have gotten hired guns to finish it at the point when all was square with the Australian devs. But things as they are I hope Big Collision games can ship and sink any funds into repaying the those out of pocket and drawing a line under this project (though preferably not ida money) and get going with something without the baggage of this debacle.

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      I would hold off on rushing to judgement. I’ve known people on the Interzone side in US since the company started and there is definitely another side to the story. Least of all that the Perth studio was years and millions over budget. I know for a fact that the Government only gave IZ about half the incentives it promised to open a studio there, and that private investors have dumped over $30,000,000 into the company – so it’s definitely not government funded. My opinion from what I know is that the Perth team failed miserably. This is also the fault of the US company and management not putting the right leadership in place in such a remote studio. I agree with david4482, if they are going to finish the game they need to get some highly talented hired guns with a proven history to get the game on track. I am a soccer fanatic and I want to play this game, I hope they get it finished.

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      By a curious sequence of coincidences I was actually in Perth the Day that the Interzone people were locked out. (I’m from Dublin)
      I stood outside the offices and discussed the situation with the people who had not been paid for months and who were struggling to pay their rent. The company even had someone pretend to have the authority to remove them from the industrial estate where they were standing….all covered by the local papers and also TV stations.
      The truth of the matter is that they were treated appallingly and I would not rush to apply for a job with this "new" company.
      There may still be several legal cases to face in Australia, including non payment of compulsory employee entitlements to the taxation office….

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      I am a soccer fanatic and I want to play this game, I hope they get it finished.[/quote:d613e574f5]

      That sounds familiar.

      Oh hey, here’s an article where Mike Turner, vice president of bizdev at Big Collision Games, is quoted using his standard marketing pitch complete with a "soccer fanatics" reference:


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      (Edit: added link to above post)

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      Hold on just one second, Blitz-, are you suggesting…and maybe I’ve misunderstood you…that IZsnooper or IZsnoopersnooper may not in fact be…a soccer fanatic?

      Harsh. Way harsh.

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