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Cheers Dave. Some parts were finnicky to model, especially cause everything is modeled in and there’s no maps producing anything you see in those renderes. No recent modeling tool trickery used either, it’s all pure poly pushing by hand in Max 8/ 2009 :D The adjustment wasn’t too bad.
The ribbing on the actual body of the gun took longer than the handle and grip as far as I remember…but it’s the text on the eotech that was by far the most infuriating, cause it’s not booleans or anything, I cut them in myself to practice sub-d as much as I could. Would never do that in a production environment though, took ages :P

I was thinking of putting some smoke on the bomb splash sheet too, but didn’t get around to it; I might make a quick low poly of it and use that as an emitter for any particle experiments I do in Blender…thanks for the idea :D