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Am I missing something??
This game isn’t your average kill-fest. It’s incitement to religious hatred – which is banned under UK law. Can you imagine a middle-eastern studio releasing a game where you play as al-Queda and seek to blow up as many Christians as you can? There would be outrage. This is no different.

Northern Ireland (and Britain to a lesser extent) suffered from paramilitary terrorism for 30 years. Our society should especially be able to see that this game can be in no way healthy. I haven’t read the books myself. I believe some of them have been best-sellers. There’s a big difference between reading a book and acting it out in a game.

Note how the site advertises their games as “a less graphic experience to the sexual themes and gratuitous violence currently found in many titles.” It also adds “We anticipate our titles will be classified as both action, strategy and adventure genres, and will likely receive either an “E” rating (appropriate for ages 6 and up) or a “T” rating (appropriate for ages 13 and up).”