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    A trivia game to test gamers’ biblical knowledge, The Bible Game for PlayStation 2 casts players as contestants on a game show with fast-paced, “beat the buzzer” action and a comical off-screen announcer as emcee. 20 mini- and micro-games with 1,500 questions reinforce inspirational Old Testament teachings such as Jonah and the Whale, David and Goliath, The Tower of Babel, and many more. Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players encourages family members of all ages to play together, and provides a fun alternative for family game nights.

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    That episode when lisa\bart\maggy are taken off homer and marge and sent to live with “the flanderess” jumps to mind.

    “lies makes baby jesus cry”

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    If you we’re starting a new studio you could do worse than try and make a christian game…big market out there.

    A game based on Revelations would be ace! (tm and (c) Ivan McC 2006)

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    I love the irony of having to buy a console from Bill Gates, aka the Antichrist, to be able to play it :)

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    YES!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

    It’s getting released over here too!


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    A bible quiz game is fairly innocent and harmless as for that RTS, it is basically incitment to hatred. Radical Islamists have made similar games before.

    Despite the fact that there are no video game censorship laws in Ireland, a game that contains religious violence game would be illegal here because it involves one sect of a religion killing or converting another (okay it blatantly involves Protestants killing Catholics). Can you imagine the uproar if they tried to release it here.

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    Am I missing something??
    Its an RTS thats seems to be about converting people to your religion in order to fight the anti-christ who has another army. This is a game based on a book, and as such will have some sort of background to back this situation up. This is not a “you must convert everyone in today’s society to X religion”. Sure, its a dodgy premise for a game, but 90% of game have outrageous premises.
    The blog was obvisouly written by someone highly religion and constantly talks about children killing people in the game. If its killing, and especially religious killing, its probably going to be 18s.
    Can someone just ban religion from every single form of entertainment??

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    Heaven help us!


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    Am I missing something??
    This game isn’t your average kill-fest. It’s incitement to religious hatred – which is banned under UK law. Can you imagine a middle-eastern studio releasing a game where you play as al-Queda and seek to blow up as many Christians as you can? There would be outrage. This is no different.

    Northern Ireland (and Britain to a lesser extent) suffered from paramilitary terrorism for 30 years. Our society should especially be able to see that this game can be in no way healthy. I haven’t read the books myself. I believe some of them have been best-sellers. There’s a big difference between reading a book and acting it out in a game.

    Note how the site advertises their games as “a less graphic experience to the sexual themes and gratuitous violence currently found in many titles.” It also adds “We anticipate our titles will be classified as both action, strategy and adventure genres, and will likely receive either an “E” rating (appropriate for ages 6 and up) or a “T” rating (appropriate for ages 13 and up).”

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    Why? Its set in a fantasty earth. If it was set on mars with marsian religions it would be fine. Fantsty fantasy fantasy!!!! NOT REAL!

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    Hrm, going by what I’ve read on both sites I must say I’m rather confused. The website for the game paints it as very much a Good Vs. Evil conflict whereas that blog seems to be completely overblown and makes it out to be some kind of religious cleansing product…

    The game rewards children for how effectively they role play the killing of those who resist becoming a born again Christian. [/quote:f781a1f334]
    I’m sorry…what? It reads like more sensationalist garbage to be honest.

    Also if the game is rated in that manner then it won’t contain any of the prominant themes that are being hinted at. Amazon have been stocking the books and movies rather successfully it seems and DC Comics have also been releasing the graphic novels, two more facts which would lead me to believe its not as bad as its being made out to be…

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    And to say this is inciting racial hatred, surely America’s Army does just the same thing, but thats okay, because the righteous christian amerians are shooting the evil hethan arabs, or whoever it is they’re blowing the crap out of today.

    You see…its all a load of bollocks.

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