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Yeah it’s a crazy situation.
From the posts on Kotaku it sounds like the development was muddled through without the people it needed. I admire the work ethic of those who stayed but I don’t think there is any point in hanging around on a project like that for the hope of remuneration at the end (or next month, next month) as without the right people on it the game will never be a success in any market. And as for experience, you would do better to work for free a few hours a week in a studio with experienced leads.

I also would question if a second life type engine is the right approach to what is at its core a football game all off the pitch interaction not withstanding. Prob could have knocked out a better web game with Unity in less time. I hope anyone who is working there or considering applying goes in eyes open.

By the time they get a cohesive team together now it might have been better to have gotten hired guns to finish it at the point when all was square with the Australian devs. But things as they are I hope Big Collision games can ship and sink any funds into repaying the those out of pocket and drawing a line under this project (though preferably not ida money) and get going with something without the baggage of this debacle.