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Work experience usually suggests you gain experience from people who have been in the biz a while. If this is your first game a assume thats not the case here? [/quote:c7ad28fb8c]

I have 1 years game programming experience with a company in Italy. I worked as a Junior Programmer on the PC version of a multi-platform game. The game will be released this year, I am still under a NDA so I really cannot talk anymore about it. This is the only games programming experience I have, It was the first job I got after leaving college. Basically, its my first iPhone game, not my first game though. I also have 6 months game testing experience.

PMC has a point. You should try to show that you are a top programmer and an artist should trust that you can deliver the game and his/her work will see the light of day. An overview of your C.V. and showing that level you have in progress might allay such fears.[/quote:c7ad28fb8c]

I have a B.Eng(Honours – 2.2) in Digital Media Engineering from DCU, and a PG Dip(Honours – 2.1) in Computer Games Technology from University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland. I left Abertay after the PG Dip because I was offered a job, I qualified for the MS. I believe I am a top programmer, although I do realise being on the dole doesnt suggest this. There really is not as many jobs as there was in 2008…

Regarding the progress I have made, I will upload a screenshot later. Basically the player ship moves with the accelometer, the background is scrolling right to left, the ship fires with touch. A simple scoring system is in place, lives, and all collisions are detect with the asteroids and ship.

I could have put up a post on the Unity forums, but I want to work with someone who is in Ireland, so that if I want to meet them I can.

I said work experience because I dont have the cash to pay someone, and I truly believe a good student will be suitable for my needs. Im on the dole right now, so money is really tight. I genuinely cannot afford to pay anyone upfront. This game is mainly for experience to add to my CV as I wouldnt mind working as an iPhone games programmer. Im not expecting this game to be No.1 on the App Store, I just want a nice polished game. I know the game concept is not original, but I do believe with original art work, it will be a game I will be proud of…