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Yep with all the tablets coming to market I wanted to make something where most if not all of solution is instantly portable so web tools seemed the way to go. Art is super quick to make, just load illustrator, doodle and export to svg. And as true vectors the game will scale to any resolution. No waiting if I want to push an update too.

But I may use the UIWebView if I get bogged down with things like browser audio for idevices but yep html 5 audio is the plan for others as can be controlled by javascript.

Persistence will just be a dump to html5 clientside database at the end of a battle (not continuous) with the number and state of the ships you have left and some stats. The game assets will not need to be downloaded each play either as html supports a cache:


Don’t ask about multiplayer as have no idea what I am doing there yet, just that I want it. :)

Multi-touch for iphone is supported via javascript handlers (there is a different set for android), I have a quick tech test-bed with pan (not too much of a delay) and zoom working (though zoom needs work). I had to find the parameters that disable the native behaviours and also work with the device rotated. The test-bed only works on idevices atm and you have to save as a webapp with the (+) and then launch from the deck. Give it a try if you want: http://www.newleafgames.com/game.html

I will keep a note on what I come across during dev.