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Thanks for the great replies.

Jaza, you’ve hit on something there that’s been to the fore in our discussions to date… trying to go for the AAA-style implementation or trying to stay more "indie".

My own inclination is that the AAA direction requires a huge development effort, time, and a lot of funding. And, at the end of the day, gamers might be dismissive unless it’s the GAA equivalent of fifa. The reality there is that the likes of fifa draw on huge company resources, and have been in development for years.

So I’ve actually been trying to push the team more towards the possibility of developing GAA-related/-themed games. A "new star soccer" style game would be a great example. Or a platform game in which the player carried a hurl and used it as a weapon. I believe you’re correct to say that the NSS-style control would work well, but that the market might be too small. I suppose before we sink too much development time into anything, we really need to get some feedback from potential players.

aphra, thanks a million for those links. Total noob here – looks like there’s a veritable goldmine of information in the features on the site! Those 2 links are spot on, btw, and very much appreciated. The contrast in the 2 stories is quite remarkable…