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Hmmm just stumbled across this while casually browsing the forums………twas a good ol result given the time and what not, RenderWare and the XDK are pretty nice to use for the XBox but RenderWare has a lot of annoying things about it (the exporter, support, damn rw logo etc) but overall was pretty good to use. Anyone know whats going on with RenderWare cos Criterion gave it to UCC prettily easily(with a few NDAs etc), Abertay have it and I’ve heard of a few other colleges getting it. Are Criterion trying to spread it across the industry by giving it to all the colleges for free? good ploy if it is.
Meself and Sack are both heading to Abertay next year but noone from industry has actually seen the game yet(none of the games companies showed for the open day) and we would love to get someone to have a look at it, any tips on what to get do to get it seen? just want an opinion on it. its long shot but hey…………….

cheers, slater

Didnt Ea announce a while back that they were giving it to colleges as a free tool. Good ploy on their behalf seeing as it will train students to use a tool which they only use in house now. So securing future staff for themselves. Not a bad ploy.

Did u.c.c finally get it? Has anyone there used it? As for getting it shown off, why not email it to some studios and get some feedback. Most companies will give you some opinions at the very least. I would say though email it after e3 deadlines (some time next week should be okay), to ensure people see it. because if it arrived now they’d be swamped and might put it to the bottom of the pile. G’luck