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I’m rather surprised people are defending Sony after this years E3. I mean in all honestly they completely dropped the ball this year, and thats saying it politely. The vast majority of their trailers were either pre-rendered, multi-platform or bog standard hack and slash titles. In my opinion, in terms of consoles anyway, MS and Nintendo came up trumps this year and hammered Sony in terms of their showings.

Even some of my Sony fanboi friends were completely stumped.

Simon: So what were you’re favourite parts of the the Sony conference.
Friend: MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII and Eight Days. Oh and Assassin’s Creed…
Simon: You do realise that the MGS4 was all pre-rendered, there was little to no info on the second and Eight Days was all pre-rendered too? Oh and Assassin’s Creed will probably be on the XBox360 too.
Friend: But…*goes silent*

’nuff said to be honest. :D