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    Got my deliveries of these two movies at the weekend, and watched them both. I would recommend both of them to anyone who:
    a) Likes asian cinema
    b) Likes violence
    c) Likes “Beat” Takeshi Kitano
    d) Likes people eating live octopus
    e) Likes Samurai movies
    f) Like all of the above

    I started watching this film expecting a standard Samurai swordplay movie, with the legendary Japanese character Zatoichi as the focus. When the movie finished I was gobsmacked. This is one of my favourite movies ever. From the excellent Takeshi Kitano performance and direction, to the awesome swordplay, to the supreme comedy moments, to the excellent musical undertones……its just fantastic!
    The gore is excessive, but not ridiculous, and although some of the effects look a bit pants, it doesn’t matter. You still find yourself shouting in excitement when a blade slashes down someones back, leaving a bloody slice. The swordfights are quick and deadly, just as they should be. No long drawn out clashes of swords here, its one-two-dead, and its perfect.
    The comedic moments, of which there are quite a few, are classic. I found myself laughing out loud on more than one occasion. You can really see Takeshi Kitano’s comedic background come through here. I don’t want to go on and on about this so I’ll finish.
    The music is also fantastic. And the dance piece at the end….unexpected and genius.

    This is pure asian extreme thriller, at its best. I won’t go into the story, but the action is intense and the voilence is extreme. Plenty of cringe-worthy moments in this one. The acting is really top notch and the direction and cinematography is slick and unique. It covers some very risque material, and it doesn’t shy away from it either and like Zatiochi there are plenty of comedic moments which lighten the mood somewhat.

    I would recommend both these films to anyone who is into their movies, especially Asian cinema.

    Now, I wonder who is going to make a Zatoichi videogame….. :D

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    Heard a lot about Oldboy, must pick it up. Have you seen Casshern Noo?

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    Never heard of it Pete, is it Indian?

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    No, Japanese, based on a comic I believe. Picked it up region 3 a few weeks ago. Amazing visuals, story is a bit pants though. still, its well worth a look for fans of Japanese cinema



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    Its a CG movie, class! The cover art looks really great….might have to check it out!

    Well, part CG anyway…. ;)
    Just watched the trailer….looks cool!

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    I’m really looking forward to this:


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    yup saw Zatoichi last year – I really liked it…there is a nice special edition DVD of it that I had my eye on

    Battle Royale is class too…Ivan like Beat Takeshi

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    Pete, clean out your PM inbox :)

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    yup saw Zatoichi last year – I really liked it…there is a nice special edition DVD of it that I had my eye on[/quote:9dde6454da]

    I got it. ;)
    Its class, lovely black embossed metal box…..

    Edit: Appleseed looks feckin class alright, love the mix of CG and cell animation…….fanastic looking.

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    Actually the graphical style of the packaging for Zatochi over here is due to one the guys in Lemon Jelly who has his own Graphics company.

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    Its great packaging. Really class looking, plus the art cards are great. I love the simple flat shaded look to the artwork.

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    Its great packaging. Really class looking, plus the art cards are great. I love the simple flat shaded look to the artwork. [/quote:35c72edda0]

    In that case you’ll love this: http://www.airsideshop.com

    It’s Fred Deakin’s shop site.

    Especially these:


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    Zatoichi is great. Saw it in IFI (oooh, aren’t I culturededed?) last year. Recommended.

    I just joined http://www.Screenclick.com (rental DVDs via the post). Looks like a really good service.


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    I found Casshern quite confusing… I really must re-watch it to clear it up. :)

    There’a great scene in it like Neo versus Smith in Revolutions except Casshern fights everything that moves. :D I giggled like a good thing as I watched that!

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    There are some really useless subplots in Casshern, but that concentrated bit of combat is fookin’ brilliant and makes the slower paced scenes worthwhile

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    Japanese Appleseed Trailer

    Here is the Japanese trailer for Appleseed, its a bit differant to the US one.

    Looks class…..

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    Actually dave, a mate of mine has appleseed on his ftp server. Gonna try and download it when i get the chance. Only about 1 gig including all the extra stuff. (Extended scenes, storyboards, interviews and the likes).

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