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      Hey all

      I’m studying masters (games) course in DIT and I’m working on 2 games with a few heads so dropping a line to see if anyone has a few moments fro feedback.

      First is a casual iPhone game based on Jetpack joyride. You can see some art and gameplay here. Like us if you want to follow updates.

      There is a bug ridden HTML 5 version to play here.
      (be warned if your on chrome browser audio is a bit messed / HTML5…)
      use safari or explorer.

      The second is in dev and I’ve attached a pretty simple form to fill out if you’ve a bit of time. The game will be a platformer along the style along the lines of journey / badlands / swords & sorcery… (you get the idea)
      Follow along too if you want to be kept in the loop.

      Lots a glove

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      Great game by the way, I see this was posted ages ago so it’s probably completely different at this stage but the artistic style is particularly nice. I died many times but kept wanting to edge a little bit further which is definitely a good thing! Reminds me of Super Meat Boy / Jetpack Joyride cross-over :D

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      Good stuff! I love the art styling on Crash Courier :)

      Main gripe: I could only play the HTML5 version (using FF20) for about 4 seconds. I kept dying for what appeared to be no reason. I suspect its either the collision box on the player or saw is too large; when I come into contact with a saw I became deaded.

      Can you give us a new version? I want to play more :)

Viewing 2 reply threads
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