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    set between series 2-3. looks like it could be a cracker. cos those guys at SCE cambridge have made some top notch games in the past.

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    Didn’t Circle basically announce the same type of game a couple of weeks ago….guess they screwed now

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    well the nice looking one “kim” from the show let something slip last year in an interview with the bbc and thats how the proverbal cat was out of the bag. Sony finally though comes clean and tells us its nearly done. wayhey :)

    screenshots look great, really got the characters down and the look of 24. lets hope it lives up to the tv show.

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    Its obviously going to do well because of them name, but in reality its probably going to be a GTA clone, only you won’t be allowed to have the free will you did in GTA. Expect it to have an excellent story line too.

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    well if your going to clone, clone from the best :)

    look at merceneries

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    Saw the ad on tv and that was enough for me to ignore Mercenaries.

    “Find stuff, blow it up….blow it up some more, blow it up again, Blow other stuff up….keep blowing stuff up!”

    Worst game ad I’ve ever seen.

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    nah definately worth a go. adds a few nice things to the gta genre

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