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      Don’t know if this is old or what. But it works….
      How to get 25MB storage on Homail.

      Login to your account
      Go to Option
      Click My Profile
      Change Country to United States
      Wait for browser to Load US Settings
      Change state to Florida and Zip Code to 33332
      Click Update
      Click Continue

      Go to Language and Make sure it is English. Paste this link in Same Browser :

      Wait until the screen says “Your Hotmail account is closed and ready to be deleted.”
      Click Close Account.

      Go Back to Login and relogin to ur Account
      Just reactivate ur account.
      No email will be deleted from ur account and now ur account size limit increase to 25MB.

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      I’m not sure if this is the case in the Irish Republic but I thought that all Hotmail accounts worldwide have had the size increased to 250MB.

      I remember the old days when my account was 85% full. Now it’s only 1%! :)

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      some countries get 25 or 250mb for free straight away, but M$ is only giveing to new sign ups, i used a simmilar guide only i changed it to spain…. M$ would not have made them bigger if Gmail had not appeared

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      i think it was 2mb, and you don’t get something for nothing, they make there money with adds, but to go from 2mb to 250mb, leaving the unknowing users in the dark! they could at least give all uses 10mb stage straight off, and its not just the irish its all over the world, each country have different sizes of accounts

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      Dunno where I’m registered as – I think its the US – but I have 250MB of storage.

      I also have the gmail thingy now….1000MB

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      Thanks Noop. Just tried this and works fine, my account is now 25MB, sweet. Considering I was getting almost 2 Megs of spam a day, it’ll be very usefull!

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