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    Not quite game related, but this might be a bit of fun for a few minutes if you’re bored.

    We spend a few days over Chrimbo putting this entry in for a Web 3D competition, and it recently got 2nd place… here’s hoping the development of real-time 3D content over the web starts gaining more popularity in the near future.

    The entry had to be a toy of sorts, and also had to be developed in under 500k, and with less than 3000 polygons, so the restrictions were quite tight. This meant that we had to leave out a number of other cool features.


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    Thats well cool!

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    Ah man thats good crack that is. Nice one Mal.
    Must get cracking on a virtual magni-sketch masterpiece!

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    Very, very cool! – Demonstrates a LOT of technical skill.

    Well Done!


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