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    heres a wip of my first 3d character model.
    i created it for my course work.

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    Nice work for your first character model dude. There are a few texturing issues, specifically with regards to stretching around the side of the legs and the hip area, but nice work! :)

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    thanks man. texturing was a bit rushed, im finishing the model tonight, will also rig it 2night, and possibly animate it. i will morph it 2moro though. thats all the criteria for our assignment, model, texture, rig, animate, morph.

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    aye nice work there one criticism tho it looks like the hands are a tad bit small for the arms, but nice model tho. :)

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    who’s in college this time of year? Are there still courses going on?

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    dont tink so anyways, i posted this topic ages ago.

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    Don’t forget the school of life…….. :p

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    Yeah the hands are tiny…and you’re not unwrapping you’re textures, are you? Bad idea, ‘specially with camo! Damn good though, and better than anythan I could do! What college you in mate? DLIT?

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    i studied the games design course in nwifhe, in co.derry. that was my first character model, after studying 3ds max for 1month, and no experience in any other 3d package.

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