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    Hi folks,

    A competition for artists to design a 3D car game level is nearing the deadline of the 16th of April.

    There are separate sections for of the major 3D modelling packages, so no matter what app you use, you will be able to make something.

    If you would like to take part, you can complete a basic 30 minute tutorial ( on Macromedias website ) here…


    The software can be downloaded for free from here, along with instructions etc…


    Here are screenshots from some sample levels to give you inspiration!


    See more info on the competition here…


    If you know any other artists who might be interested in designing a vehicle based game level ( think GTA, or whacky races ), feel free to forward them this information.

    Also, if you are a member of a 3D forum who has members who might like to design 3D models for games, feel free to re-post this information as well.

    Good luck!

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    A competition for artists to design a 3D car game level is nearing the deadline of the 16th of April. [/quote:4d6c069d7a]

    aaaah yeah, the bleedin biase of the meeeedja….

    Why cant level designers enter :lol:

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    Haha, well you level design folks create works of art every day, so indeed you would be defined as an artist!

    ( whew, hopefully I talked my way out of that one ;) )

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    seems pretty cool!!! is this a solo thing or can you work with somebody on it? are any of you guys doing it?

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    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the gd.ie community!

    You can work as a group on a 3D level design entry ( of course, then you then have to fight with your partners over how to split the huge prizes :) )


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    cool i might just give it ago….better get started!!

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    iv been working on this for the past two weeks now and all i can say is WOW its so simple and straight forward to use. its as easy as making a level in 3ds or any other moddeling tool and exporting it to the game engine. I love it because instead of spending hours upon hours programming, most of your time is spent with the creative side of things, like making the level, making the props, making the music (if you wish) its so fun to use. plus there is the added bonus of seeing your own work infront of your eyes. its very motivating stuff!!! get downloading guys!!! 8)

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    wish I had seen that one sooner…
    wish I had some spare time to do something else than my final project…

    ah well :P

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    heh 3 days left, i’m just starting a wee level now, i’ve got the base’s done of a small mideval village + flying cow =D.

    The app is easy to use, *goes back to tinkering with it*

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