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    Recently the requirement for the course i teach changed. We now need to include 3D modelling and level design.

    I would like recommendations for both Shareware and licensed products please.

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    Blender 3d is an open source 3d model app that competes with the big boys, or go with a trial of 3d max if you want something fully featured.


    For level editor it has to be unreal ed … the unreal engines editor.
    Free for non-commercial use or so I believe.

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    thanks Barry.. ill look into those options. :)

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    just added links for convenience.
    Blender 2.56 just has a lot of improvements over 2.49 even though it says beta.

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    that really helpful thank you

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    looks like we will have to update/replace alot of PCs too….

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    Just to give a +1 for blender, used it for my final year project and the online community for it is amazing.

    Would highly recommend it

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    Blender would be a great option indeed.

    Probably stating the obvious one here but Autodesk dish out free educational licences for 3d Studio Max and Maya if you’re after a more feature rich solution, all you have to do is register on their site.

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    thanks for sharing it with us,we appreciate it very much ,you are so kindly,we will go on look your post ,welcome more new information from you ,thanks again.

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    Another shout-out for Blender. Pre 2.5, I wouldn’t have recommended it to anyone, mainly due to the non-standard interface (big headache). But the program took a huge leap forward with the release of 2.5.

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