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    Havent posted in ages but been working on this for afew hours so tought id post it up and see what people think of it.



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    More updates

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    More updates just started on the underside today.

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    Looks good, though prehaps render against a different colour other than black

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    well, it is space after all.
    But yeah, maybe a few stars?
    Looks great :)
    Is this for a game or just for animating? cos it looks very curvy for a game engine.

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    No for purely critic purposes black generally doesn’t do any favors for a model. Though its a small point. I quite like the engine detail though I’m afraid I wouldn’t know the ships of the Battleship Galactica universe :oops:

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    Oh, I see what you mean… you’d rather see a “shiny lights and lots polish” kinda presentation? A bit like in a car show? LOL, possibly with a lovely Galactica lady pausing next to the model?

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    right…. the model contains black areas(the original renders) he’s rendering black on black making it impossible to offer any sort of constructive criticism/opinion. It seems my point is being missed…

    You don’t have to agree with my opinion it’s only my opinion after all, though it might be prudent not to be so quick to retort with a sarcastic comment… :wink:

    And since you mentioned it I wouldnt mind seeing any of the Galactica women :lol:

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    No im still texturing the ship like im hoping to get it all scuffed up and beat to hell like it several shades of crap kicked out of it.

    In the mean time ive started modelling the launch bay for the ship just to give it something to look good in, lighting it will be a mega bitch tho but should be fun to do.

    Im aware some of the lighting is dark and the shadows on some of the renders are abit pixelated but im just messing around with it now and trying to suss some ideas for properly lighting it.

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    Regardless mate thats some top stuff.

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    Much better renders. Nice modeling too.

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    sorry, wasn’t being sarcastic, I was trying to describe in a short sentence something more like that blue car that was presented in this forum a while ago. White background and tons of lights. Something like a photo studio sort of lighting.

    Those last screenshots are much too dark, though, you are right.
    I would suggest adding some lights on the ground. If you wanna be realistic (ie, not use Hollywood “coming out of nowhere” lights), you could put strobes on the ground, and some neons lights on those pillars. Try orange/red strobes and blue/green neons, usually works well.

    Also you might wanna try some ambient lighting.
    Essentially, anywhere there is a black patch of shadow, you could put some sort of light to show your model… err, under a better light :oops:
    (well, that’s how you say it in English, isn’t it)

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    You absolutely have to do a render under launch sequence lights….. seriously you have to, wouldn’t be a viper without it.

    For your hanger lights how about guidance strips to the launch area, or sparks for a welding torch during repairs?

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    Oh and I realise that the newer BG is probably different to the 80’s version, but the nose on the viper seems too long to me, especially the with the positioning of the 2nd vipe in the background.

    Long for what I think a viper should like though, its a gorgeous model regardless.

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    Lol glad to see some ideas churning around, As for the viper launch sequence, yeah thats what im working on just something short and sweet really, Like it going into the tubes and flying really fast from the tube into space and maybe afew quick camera shakes like in the new show. Have the sounds and everything ready ro go for the animation like adama ordering the “launch vipers” and the swooshing sounds it makes when in the tube. Ive music sussed for it aswell. The launch bay is coming along well but i want It to look and feel like it is in the show which is a real industrial feel to it right down to the drills and stuff churning away. Ile do it justice dont worry lol

    If your even thinking i wont make the galactica itself think again, cuse its allready in the making, I know it looks a little rough in some areas and am planning on doing a redesign to make it neater looking but heres what odds and ends i have sofar in a rough state.

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    Looking forward to it :)

    Just as a matter of interest, hows the poly count looking? Just for the viper.

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    The viper is around 25k at the moment i dont want it much higher than that tho, Its that high namely cuse I didnt have to worry about it going into a game engine or whtever and i just wanted it to look as real as i could get it. Ive still texturing to do on it but It wont take that long cuse i want to get the launch bay done then texture the two of em, then its onto the galactica itself which should take afew years with all that detail on the show version lol.

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    Looks really cool, what you modelling it in by the way???

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    Im modelling in max 6 at the moment, I find its the easiest of the lot to use and preety stable aswell tears through renders for me aswell.

    Texturing isreally a combo of photoshop and max.

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    as far as I know most people use the combo of photoshop & 3D app, unless of course you using paint effect, they’re alot of fun too… (yey 100th post btw, not bad for a lurker)

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    More updates, Im rethinking the lighting on it so compared to the previous renders this is an improvement (I think lol) Launch bay still needs alot more work but im getting to it if it kills me.

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    Sweet, man, is it boomers craft? :D

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    One quick thought, it looks like its just floating there. Can it have some legs or something?

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    LOL as for the floating ile remedy that when I finish the landing struts.

    Boomers ship is another type of ship its something like a stealth bomber mixed with an apache gunship. Ile post a pic or two if i can find it.

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    The lighting looked better before in my opinion. Maybe slightly too dark, but atmospheric nonetheless.The lighting now is far too harsh, and a lot of the geometry is bleeching out to pure white, which isn’t right(moreso in the last render). Especially for an artificially lit hanger bay. Try toning down the multipliers and giving the light a slight yellow hue to try and simulate artificial light.
    Another thing is that the shadows are a bit much, for the ship anyway. It looks like you have at least 3 lights, all casting shadows. This might be fixed if you try out my suggestions above, but if not, try using one, or maybe two lights only as the source of shadows.

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    I was kinda partial to the old lighting I had espeially the way it was dark and refelcted even the tinyest amount of light, as for it being too bright Im inclined to agree with you on that. Ile end up spending god knows how long on rigging and re-rigging the lights on this. Ile get it sooner or later lol :)

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    practice practice practice, eh? :)
    I can’t really criticise too much, as I am having the same type of problems myself right this moment.
    To be honest, I am used to lighting in Worldcraft, which I find so much easier. I would just model a rectangle on each pillar, texture with a light emitting texture, then cover it with another rectangle (to avoid direct light, this of course depend on the fact that you have radiosity rendering).
    Same principle for strobe lights: just some little cylinders on the ground textured with a light emitting map.
    Simple but it works… in Hammer, anyway :P

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    Heres some more of an update, Modelled the bay doors and added some detail to them.

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    lookin better, though I still like the shadows cast onto the ship like in the first lit shots, as they breaks up the big areas of white really good. Its all coming together nicely though.

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    I agree about the shadows, but in the show this whole area is normally full of activity with tools crates boxes et etc.. Im going to include all i can that you would expect in an enviornment like this. so hopefully all those little touches will add more personallity to it.

    Ile have updates tomoro as i remodelled afew little areas on the viper i wasnt too happy with. some areas need tweaking but ive no time limit on it so ile take my time and get it done right lol if this was a job id be fired by now lol

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    More updates,

    Lighitng is getting there but its trial and error I suppose but I know ile do it proud in the end so Im gonna focus a little more on modelling some stuff tomoro.

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    Hey that’s looking great :)
    The one at the top is quite nice, so no big crits there.
    The bottom one is a good start, but now you need your counter lights (or do you call them back lights?), so you can compensate the blue dominant of the scene. Try a light orange, it should work wonders. I am not sure where your blue lights are coming from so it’s not obvious where you should put the back lighting, but I am sure if you play with the lights positions you’ll see something nice :P

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    More updates,

    Added some radiosity and tweaked the lighting, still a little too bright im thinking but ile work on it some more.

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    Looking sweet there, Jimmy!
    You the Jimmy_O’Brien from BCU? If you know what I’m talking about, I’m ‘Bren’ there. If not, well… move along now, people, move along…

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    yep thats me dude lol

    Do i know you like were you in my class last year?

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    Yeah, lighting needs a lot of work mate. It has actually gotten worse (in my opinion) from since the first renders. If you’re using radiosity, try toning down the lights power because the light will be multiplied around the enviroment.

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    In your last render the red of the door and the red stripe aren’t working for me. I don’t know anything about lighting but I do feel something isn’t as good as it was previously.

    You really need to dirty down your model and scene

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    The ship will be dirtied down but the scene or the bay itself will be full of clutter like tools and all that. Ile be modelling more things as i go so the hanger will improve, Ile tone the lighting down abit aswell it looks too agressive for the tone im trying to set which is dark and moody.

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    I don’t know… If Jimmy O Brien’s your real name, then… no… Anyway, Last year, I was in year one of the course in my sig.

    Cool, looks like you’re pimpin’ the viper all over the net! Sweet. Something I always used to say on BCU was “GO IRISH MODDER”, but… well, it’s a bit redundant here.

    What the hell!


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    Yeah thats me, did imp and the 2 year multimedia course

    Lol good to know the works appreicated lol

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    More updates.

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    Now your getting there with the lighting. Much better, maybe a bit of overkill with the shadows, but at least it is more atmospheric and natural looking than before. The radiosity samples need to be turned up a tad by the looks of the grain, but obviously it is just a test render so that isn’t necessary at the moment.

    Try adding some sort of reflections to the cockpit windows.

    Good job.

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    ooh, that’s getting really nicer there :)
    It’s interesting, what Nooptical says, I actually thought the grainy look was an postprocessing effect added for looks :P
    The composition there is more interesting, too. I know you said you would put more stuff at the bottom of the picture, but still, it’s a bit bare…
    why not turn that viper a bit more so we can see its back and so it takes a bit more of the bottom left. That would make a nice Z composition for the picture.
    And with that bright blueish light coming from the top, try n see what happens when you put a subtle warm light coming from the left/bottom/foreground. Bet that would look nice, too.

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    More updates

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    looking frickin sweet dude!

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    Damn, that is shaping up very nicely!


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    Lookin very nice man!

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    more updates, reduced slightly the amount of grain. onto the launch bay doors for the vipers to retract into and add light models for the light to emmit from then onto the control tower with an interior to it, AND add miscellaneous stuff like tabels chairs tools tool boxes and all that.

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    Nice work Jimmy :)

    My only gripe is the slighy over-exposed grain in the scene. It looks like you just added a noise filter in photoshop. Are you trying to achieve an old TV set look or is present in the show? I think it slightly kills the otherwise excellent scene, especially in the last shot. Youve lost the ships definition, i think it would be stronger if you removed the grain and dirtied up the texture and added some cracks/wear-and-tear. However its just a personal opinion of course and take what ive said as constructive critisism, the seen is really shaping up and i cant wait to see the finished product!

    Keep up the good work Jimmy ;)


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    So did you add the grain in post?
    In that case I would get rid of it, cos it ruins the image. I though that maybe you just had a really low sample rate for the radiosity, as they were preview renders.

    Grain won’t work unless the image is meant to be old film or something, in which case you should make it black and white, or slightly desaturated, and also reduce the grain so it is only barely visible. Grain on a normally colored image rarely looks good. Also, it is a good idea not to bother with any post effects until the final scene is done and rendered to way you like it.
    However, for this scene it would probably look better without an “old film” look to it. I think it would look better with blue(rather than yellow) lighting, with a slight HDRI reflection on the hull of the ship, and also on the cockpit windows. I know nothing of how these ships are supposed to look, so maybe they aren’t meant to be anyway glossy, but I just like shiny things…. :P

    One other question I have is about the scale. Again, I don’t know anything about the source material, but that hanger looks way too small to hold a squadron of space fighters…..

    It is definitely improving all the time, so keep it up! :)

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    Hey paul wats up man long time no see hows it going?

    The grain is actually a result of some of the lights im using namely an “M Area spot light” Or something along that name, The grain seems more present in this set of the show cuse theres alot of harsh bright and blue lighting present in those scenes.

    Im gonna work on it some more and try reduce it alittle bit more and see how it looks but the textures for the ship’s will be dirtied up severley anyways .

    Thnx for the c+c :)

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    Ah, so it is the lighting causing the grain, as I thought. You using Mental Ray to render this?
    Try turning up the samples in the Indirect Illumination section, that should help out. Also turn on final gather and mess about with the settings for radius etc.

    Its all trial and error with lighting! ;)

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    yep good ole mental ray got to love it and hate it at the same time. lol

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    Gotta say, Mental Ray is a fantastic renderer. Very fast when it comes to advanced lighting and the like. I rendered my Lambourghini in Mental Ray and it took half the time that it took to render to the same degree of quality in Brazil.

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    reduced the amount of noise quite abit but left abit of it just to make it feel more gritty, its an improvement but still have abit of modelling to do. so getting back to it now. :)

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    i think the over scale is wrong in the scene, the hanger has to be alot higher, the cockpit also looks to small in size on the ship, and the landing supports dont look too stable.

    what does your light set look like for the scene? post up a screen grab

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    I think it may actually be something in the depth of field settings in the last few shots, the sense of scale is a bit… strange. They seem like model kits. Lovely model kits, but they’ve lost their true scale since some of the previous renders.

    Some beautiful renders there, matey!

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