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    looks like ill finally get back to developing my 3d racer this weekend. anyone happen to know where i might get some 3d models of some cool looking cars. ideally futuristic. im rubbish with studio max etc. Im more the programming side of things.

    anyway 3-4 cars would be great. low res or high res would be fine. only want them as proof of concept.Free is the best, because im a student and got no dosh!

    its a 3d game where it all takes place in a game cube which has energy portals at all corners in the cube. Each of the sides have a different track on each side, except front & back. (view is into the cube). anyway players race around the tracks to reach all 4 portals, sounds easy, but theres obstructions moving etc. probably weapons like mario kart.

    anyway after the player collects all 4 the cube rotates and they race the next side of the cube. game ending when all 4 sides have been raced on. Multiplayer will be added later which means 1 person on a pc could be racing on side 1, while player 2 on another pc who is quicker is already on side 2. But both players will see each other on the cube (i.e player1 sees player 2 on the side to the left, and player 2 sees player1 still on the start side).

    maybe ive explained it badly but i think it could be a fairly addictive multiplayer game when its done. screenshots will be on my site as soon as i get some models.

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    You could try TurboSquid

    Most of the models cost money, but you could try do a search for free models and see what you get.
    I just did a search for free sci-fi car models and this is what I got….not much choice.


    You could try do some searches yourself and see if you can find anything of use.

    I would offer to help you by creating some vehicles, but I’m too busy to even be doing my own 3D projects at the moment!

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