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    hey folks.

    im having a really annoying prob.. well more of an inconveniece in 3ds max 6. in the perspective viewport when i pan or rotate my model it changes to just a bounding box. anyone know how i can solve this so that the model will be totally visible when i pan or rotate it. ive tried messing with the adaptive degredation but with no joy.

    any help would be great! :D

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    oh i know this, is a option that u can turn on if you have a week p.c. it does not have to render it as u rotate. there should be a option somewhere to turn that off… let me check (i think its somewhere preferences)

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    sorry i can’t find, it… can’t remember where the option is

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    i know its a nightmare. cant find i myself thnxs anyway

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    This is in version 5 so don’t know if is same in 6 but there are check options available for the adaptive and gen. degradation in customize->viewport config, if this helps.

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    tried them settings previously and still no joy.

    ill keep searching for it

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    i got it thank god. toggling on and off adaptive degredation is done by hitting the ‘O’ key. such a simple thing. :oops:

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