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    im looking for a program which automatically turns a high poly model into a low poly model, mostly used in the workflow for normal mapping. i read about such a program before, but i cant remember which site it was on. any ideas?

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    u thinking of kaldera plugin for max made by mankua?

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    yeah i remember it being made by kaldera. u got any links to it??

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    Not sure of a program that would turn a high poly model into a low poly one……effeciently anyway. But then again, I haven’t been loooking for one! ;)

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    The free tool by Nvidia called meLODy allows you to generate a single or series of LOD models from a hires version and also incorporates normal map generation which is nice! :)

    Edit: Bugger, just checked and the latest version has removed the LOD part but if you want it, I have think I have an older copy with the LOD capability.

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    what file format does it take, and does it have importing exporting features?

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    The model to load in can be ply, 3ds or obj the LOD models are exported as 3ds or obj and the normal map is svaed as a dds which should be easy enough to convert to tga, also it gives you the tangent and object space choices sorry on the long time to reply my feckin graf drivers were being bastards, oh melody needs a graf card with a min of shader 2.0

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    excuse my stupidity, wat are LOD models? are they the file format for melody, a lower poly version of high poly models, or a type of turkish female on a cat walk?

    also, does melody do a good job of minimising the poly count when creating low poly versions of the mesh?

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    hey richard. check it out here.

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    cheers bernard. :wink:

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    LOD meaning level of detail refers to the fact that when using a model in situ similar to mimapping textures, when a model is distant from the pov of the camera a low level of detail is used when drawing the model and as the camera moves closer to the model the detail increasing thus resulting in the need for a series of models or a progressive mesh algorithm in the engine. Hope that helps :)

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    crystal :D

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    Aren’t you using Max RMcGowan? Use the optimise modifier or multires if you want to remove polys from a high res model automatically. Careful though, if your object is a character and is gonna be animated you’ll need enough verts around shoulders, knees and elbows for a smooth deformation.

    Also try Polychop:

    or Polygon Cruncher:

    Multires should sort you out though

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    Anyone use these plugins for LOD stuff? Do they generate clean usable geometry?

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    Used multires before, you can choose which verts you want to keep and type in an overall value for the polycount you’re looking for. Theres a also a percentage slider. Multires makes a good stap at keeping your UVs too.

    Auto crunchers are only useful to a point, I prefer a mixture of auto and hand tweaking

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    I prefer a mixture of auto and hand tweaking[/quote:814fa24023]

    The ladies can never resist that line……

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    I prefer a mixture of auto and hand tweaking[/quote:1aa458501c]

    The ladies can never resist that line……[/quote:1aa458501c]LOL… yeah, just trips off the tongue

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