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    hi folks. having a problem here with 3ds max 6. in max not only is it running slower than normal but all the icons on the buttons along the top and down the side have dissapeared. this happened anyone before. you can still use the buttons, its just the graphics on them have gone.

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    yeah ive seen this before i think if you open\close the view windows in max it might fix it.

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    tried that still the same. weird!!!

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    Nope never seen that before, have you tried changing to the OpenGL renderer/ or Direct X if you’re using OpenGL already.

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    yeah tried that too. probably just going to install 3ds max again. been asking about but no one seems to know whats up with it.

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    Have a look at the plugins you are running, has anything new been put in, also take a look at what processes are running with max see if too much memory is been used

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    ‘A friend’ had that problem too. ‘he’ did the following.

    Changed the graphics from software to directx to OpenGL then back to the original setting.

    Changed my display adapter settings down a step from 1400×1050 to 1280×1024

    Updated ‘their’ graphics.


    Worked. Never had the problem since. And ‘they’ had VRay, fRender, and Brazil all installed prior to this happening. Make sure your firewall (ZoneAlarm or equivalent) denies 3DS access to whatever IP’s it looks for at startup.

    Let me know if that works (or if you found a better/quicker way to do it)

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    If you can….use OpenGL in 3DS Max, it is much faster.

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    this is for max 7 users:

    if i have a high def. reference picture in a viewport background, and zoom in ( you know when it says it will take up 16.0mb of space, etc , do you wish to continue? … ) the mesh in the viewport moves eratically, and if i have any verts,edges or polys selected, they fly way out of orbit, totally screwing up the mesh.

    nooptical, u think using openGL could fix this a little?

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    Not sure mate, but I would give it a try. OpenGL seems to be a much more stable option within Max than Direct3D.

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    Because I am a idiot I cant resist this:



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    lol :lol:

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    thems’re fightin’ words!

    you need to take ten paces before posting that!

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    Whats wrong with Maya???

    Does this forum hate Maya like most [sane] people hate Apple Mac’s?

    I was always told that Max was good for starting off, but Maya was the Daddy-Oh of 3D Modelling Suites.


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    Not trying to add fuel to the fire, but found this and thought some people might actually find this helpful:



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    First thing is if you are having a problem with max, contact the company that you bought it from, they can usually help.

    Secondly inform Autodesk with a clear description of the problem, screen grabs, files that seem prone to causing it etc. Unless they know a problem exists, and can reproduce it, they won’t be able to fix it in future releases.

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    Aye you pay enough for the software, its not too much to ask to get a bit of support for your cash.

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    i can’t speak for the rest of the forum, but i can say that i don’t really hate Maya. Much. ;)

    I personally prefer Max, but that’s because i’ve been using Max for a good many years before i approached Maya. They take very different approaches, & it seems that whatever a given person has worked with more, they prefer that package.

    What i don’t like is the supposed rumour that Maya is superior to Max. They’re just different, & have different strengths & weaknesses.

    Oh, & for any Max users starting to learn Maya, i would attempt first to forget about Max completely before beginning, & approach it as if you’d never seen a 3D program before. If you try to work in the same way as in Max, you’ll only cause yourself problems. Once you’re familiar with Maya’s workflow, then you can start to re-apply the techniques & experience you’ve built up in Max. That initial changeover can be very confusing though I found.

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    Yeah I agree, every package is different, and they are all very capable.

    It is good that there are a number of competing products, as the competition drives innovation.

    In other ways I sometimes wish for a “photoshop” in the 3D marketplace. (by which I mean rock solid and industry standard)

    As far as learning new packages goes, I reckon that it is a bit like learning new languages. The first is really hard, but after you learn 2 or 3 the next one comes much more easily.

    That having been said, I would never advise someone to learn more than one 3d package initially, again as with languages, it is better to master one than be passable in 4.

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    I had this EXACT same problem over the summer: everything in Max still worked fine but none of the buttons were marked. Right in the middle of something too so i didn’t want to go through the long install; tried to work through it but eventually people would have died.

    I think it was a relitively fresh install (upgraded from 5 to 7) but i’m also pretty sure that it did boot up initially looking fine. It just seemed to happen one day that it booted up missing graphics and no matter how many times it was restarted (or the comp rebooted) or graphics options changed or ANYTHING the toolbars still appeared blank.

    In the end it had to be reinstalled, nothing else would fix it. I thought it was just me and my luck having a bad install but it looks like another Max thing now :P

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    Maya can kiss my ass. :p

    Seriously though, I’ve used Max forever and see no reason to start using Maya. Especially because I think its UI sucks.

    Also, if Macs could run Max I would buy one over a PC anyday. MacOS seriously wipes the floor with Windows. If only Apple products weren’t so bloody expensive.

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    All of the 3d programs are great, and different people love their different UIs.

    I barely notice the UI of most of the programs that I use anymore. In fact if somebody asks me how to do something , I find it really difficult to explain it without sitting down at a computer and actually doing it. ( I think that this may be partially due to my own senility)

    Seriously though, I’ve used Max forever and see no reason to start using Maya. Especially because I think its UI sucks. [/quote:25d30d1c25]

    My grasp of cosmology may be somewhat tenuous at 6 in the morning but I do think that “forever” is slightly longer than the time from the first Max release to the present . (and I used the old dos version of 3d studio before it was max)

    You are of course correct when you say that there is no reason to switch to Maya……unless it is part of the specific production pipeline in which you are working. There are many examples where several different 3d tools have been successfully integrated, but this needs at least one fulltime “wrangler” to keep everyone in line.

    Also, if Macs could run Max I would buy one over a PC anyday. MacOS seriously wipes the floor with Windows. If only Apple products weren’t so bloody expensive.[/quote:25d30d1c25]
    I am not sure what apple products you are referring to when you say that they are expensive….the hardware may be a bit more than a pc, but is often worth it, and the software is usually the same price. (Unfortunately not all developers are willing to invest the time and money in cross platform compatibility, but this is hopefully changing.)

    Back to my original point in the thread, if you have a bug with Max complain! It is one of (if not) the most expensive 3d packages out there at the moment, you never own it, you just have a license to use it, so you are entitled to expect that the developers make it work. Every day’s lost production has an impact on a company’s bottom line.

    Anybody else her suffering from insomnia?

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    My grasp of cosmology may be somewhat tenuous at 6 in the morning but I do think that “forever” is slightly longer than the time from the first Max release to the present .[/quote:b6de43c461]

    It’s actually quite a LOT longer than the time from the first release of Max, but I will forgive your mistake seeing as it was early in the morning. :)

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    I can never be sure when I haven’t slept for 24 hours ….

    I once had a week with about 8 hours sleep and had some amazingly realistic hallucinations, not pleasant at all.

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    Could be a good way to gain some artistic inspiration though!! ;)

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    If you enable hotkeys in Max, you can hide sidebars and maxscript icons by pressing “4” AFAIK. Also watch out for accidentally hitting “3” and Ctrl and X, hitting them again will bring back your UI

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    While we’re on the topic of bugs in Max that seem to be in the program for AGES, have any of you guys ever found that your zooming in and out just stops working?

    For example, if you zoom in on a couple of verts, and then you try and PAN left or right, and all of a sudden Max only lets you move about 2 pixels, so you feverishly move the mouse in exaggerated motions, and still your getting nowhere in the viewport?

    Anyone know why this happens, and how the feck to resolve it?

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    Check your world unit scale

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    I also hate it when Max does that…..

    If it happens again hit the “zoom extents” button and you should be able to zoom in and out again

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    following nooptical’s generous advice, im running max under open gl now. and its made a dramatic improvment, frame rate is alot better in scene navigation with mucho poly’s, and generally is all round better. only one prob though, cant work with exporters to game engines, as most of them, well ones i have experience with, dont run on open gl. which isnt really a huge problem.

    thanks nooptical! owe u a pint!

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    Using Open GL as your viewport renderer should make absolutely no difference to your game exporter, at worst I would imagine that if there is a preview function within max before exporting that display might be corrupted. Any decent exporter with a preview function should let you choose your renderer anyway. Have you seen the content creation tools for Warcraft, they are excellent.

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    good to know. havnt seen warcrafts creation tools, they good??
    have you ever used the program xsi??

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    Warcrafts tools are great, they’re free you should check ’em out.

    You know the usual story with XSI, downloaded the EXP version and haven’t had time to get a feel for it. Its animation tools look superb, and that Face Robot stuff is just class.

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    yeah, face robot looks amazing. read an article about it on gamasutra, looks really powerful. xsi looks to be really impressive, especially for handling xtremly high poly meshes. but what im really looking forward to is max 8, and the new un-wrapping tools! sweeeeeeeet. :D

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    If you want pelt mapping now, try this program:


    There is a free version which is limited to 1000 polys.

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    :shock: :lol:

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    I am unwrapping all today and tomorrow, I have a huge urge to kill.

    I’ve been told that pelt mapping plug-in only works on organic objects.

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    It will work for any object…but the greatest benefits are for smooth organic type surfaces, standard mapping techniques are probably just as efficient for more angular geometry.

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    hey archimage3d, check your pm’s.

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