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      In a move which I can only describe as baffling, Microsoft have moved towards developing their own BitTorrent type system, codenamed Avalanche…how odd…


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      from slashdot.org

      ” Dvorak Sees MS Conspiracy Against BitTorrent
      Posted by Zonk on Tuesday June 21, @01:57PM
      from the tin-foil-hats,-check dept.
      kilgortrout writes “Dvorak has an interesting editorial up, where he links the recent stories of alleged ‘security problems’ and ‘spyware problems’ bittorent has been having with the recent MS announcement of research into a file sharing app called ‘Avalanche’. concluding it’s all part of an orchestrated MS disinformation campaign against BitTorrent.” From the article: “The problem is that no big company controls it, and Microsoft, asleep at the wheel, let it slip too long to do much about it. So now I suspect Microsoft is playing dirty to discredit the thing. There is no other explanation for the recent series of coincidental stories and events.” Especially interesting in light of Bram Cohen’s take on the situation.”

      its here:
      do a quick page search for avalanche to get above – which has a few interesting links in it.

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