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    Hey there,

    We’re in the final stages of our latest product, which is basically an Art Gallery Creator ( think Powerpoint for virtual exhibitions ).

    We will soon be looking for beta testers for our software ( the beta will be ready in the next 3 weeks ), and have just set up a website with details etc.


    If you know of any forums that traditional ( ie painting with brushes / pencils ) artists hang out, could you let me know? Initially we are targeting individual artists, rather than art galleries ( we will be approaching art galleries at a later stage, but with a more feature filled ( and as a result, much more expensive ) product ).

    Many thanks!

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    Aphra K

    http://www.creativeireland.com/ might be useful


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    Hi Aphra,

    > http://www.creativeireland.com/ might be useful

    Cheers for the link! Believe it or not, it was the only link so far that I’ve actually found with a forum for Irish artists ( great minds and all that ;) )

    I posted there earlier, I’ve already got a few people signed up from that.

    We have a few pretty famous Irish artists ( and non-Irish of course ) signed up to use it also, I’ll be able to release a few names ( and links to their galleries ) at a later date.


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    Hey Mal,

    you could try http://www.eirtaku.com, it’s an Irish forum site for Irish Manga lovers and artists. Alot of the guys there host their work online, might be another place to try. Swisslad off the boards here is a member (an I think a moderator, I could be wrong), so you could give him a shout about it.

    It’s not fine art but it’s art, maybe something a little different to start off with.

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    Aphra K

    there was a database of Irish artists in Arthouse, not sure what happened to it when Arthouse closed. Someone at CIRCA magazine might be able to provide information on other databases etc..


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    Mmmh, I am not totally sure it’s your target audience, but a lot of the people on _ConceptArt.org_ also use traditional media. In any case, it’s a big community, with quite a number of very high level professional with published works (and I mean Disney, big comics company…) and the lot, so I’m sure with a bit of fishing about you might find what you want. At worst, some of the people there could probably point you in the right direction.

    You could also try _Elfwood_ which has been around for more years than I can remember. There are a LOT of amateurs, but there are also a lot of traditional media users, too.
    Might just wanna contact the site admin directly, though, because we are talking thousands of artists, there…

    You never know, those sites might actually find the concept of a virtual gallery appealing for themselves? Especially if you could do an online version.

    Hope this helps,


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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the additional websites etc.

    > Especially if you could do an online version.

    Here ye go! :) ( Shockwave plugin required, Mac and PC )


    One of the cool features is that people will be able to create their own images for people standing around. This means that someone could show paintings based on their Marvel comics, and have the Hulk and the X-Men standing around looking at the pictures, or for younger artists / schools, they could have images of Mickey Mouse / Daffy Duck etc. Pete could have the Hoff standing around looking at pictures of KITT mounting KARR.

    Could lead to a few very interesting exhibitions!

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    MAn, you should definitely contact the guys from conceptart.org.
    Just look at the BestOf forum and I think you’ll understand what I mean :)

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    My one problem with that sort of gallery is I’m an image horder, any images I think might inspire me I save, cant really do that here. I suppose you could put the images up for download….

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    Thanks again for more links, I’m storing them up and will follow up in the next week or so.

    > My one problem with that sort of gallery is I’m an image horder, any images I think might inspire me I save, cant really do that here. I suppose you could put the images up for download….

    That’s a sort of feature with the app… a lot of artists will water-mark their images, to protect them. By viewing the same images in 3D, you never exactly see the image straight on ( there’s always some distortion… we can disable this if required ), and so water-marking isn’t required..

    If the image was just for inspiration, and quality isn’t too much of an issue, you can always jALT+PRINT-SCREEN, and paste the image into Photoshop.


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    Seems like a lot more work… I never have problems with people water marking their pieces, some artists bring it to the extreme and often destroy thm but then an artist has worked long and hard on a piece they deserve the credit.

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