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    I would be interested in getting peoples thoughts around several areas of interest regarding Gaming and Ireland:

    1. Massive Mulitplayers and our Telecoms infrastructure.

    With so many other countries getting excited about the potential revenue streams to be generated, and communities to be tapped into with the lastest slew of Massive Multiplayers Games (including the hugely anticipated Star Wars: Galaxies) – to what degree do the patrons of this forum believe Ireland is at a disadvantage, given our woefully inadequate state of Broadband?

    Is this situation likely to change, or do we simply not have the population to support such an infrastructure?

    2. Middleware vendors.

    With Middleware products and companies (Havok et al) becoming almost de rigueur in the international development community, given the mammoth proportions of many Video Games, how can our technologists be persuaded to stay in Ireland, given the opportunities abroad?

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