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    As Marv would say, I got my “MITS” on VRay, Brazil, and Final Render. Are these all performing the same task in different ways? Is there any out-right winner?

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    My fave is Brazil, its a matter of preference really. VRay has a really cool render-time micro triangle displacement feature which is great for lending ultra high detail geometry to your mesh and AFAIK both VRAY and FinalRender support true 3D motion blur effects. FinalRender also has some amazing shader plugins and toon effects.

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    I know this may be a bit off-topic, but its something that I run into alot.

    is there any way to set the dpi of the render 3DS Max generates? I mean, I know if I want 1000×800 @ 300dpi image, I could render the image at 3000 x 2400 @ 72dpi, but I still find that this give less quality.

    is there some option, tick box, preset-manager, MaxScript, command line flag that I can set the renderers in Max (I use Max 6 & Max 7) to output at 300, 600, or 1200 dpi?

    Any help, much obliged.

    Oh, and “a friend” has access to Brazil, V-Ray, and FinalRender so if one of those can do it, let me know.

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    There is a print size wizard in Max 7, you’ll find it in the rendering menu, might help. There is also a maxscript that lets you split the rendering of one massive image into 4 more managable renders and then combine them together, you can search for it at http://www.scriptspot.com.

    Hope this helps.

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    You can also render to EPS format, which allows you to set your DPI

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    Thanks guys.

    Yeah, in Max 6, if you export as an EPS it prompts you for dpi.

    I’ll give that other option in Max 7 a go later on…

    Thanks again…

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    You can choose your DPI when rendering to “tif” file also as far as I know.

    On the topic, my preferance is Brazil mainly because I’ve used it the most. They are all capable of doing more or less the same things so its really a matter of personal preferance. Finalrender has some great shaders though, or “finalShaders” as they call them…. ;)

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