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    This article got me thinking about a fun little project that the modelers on this site can do if time permits.

    Why don’t we all do mock up images of next generation consoles and post the results. It would be a bit of fun as well as getting our creative juices(ugh) flowing……
    It could be the PS3, Nintendo “Revolution”, Xbox Next or whatever. You can post preliminary sketches and then the final render. No WIPs, as the final console should be somewhat of a suprise.

    I remember I was part of a similar thing on the IGN boards before the current generation consoles and it was great fun and even led to articles in websites about the “new” consoles, just like the article above about the PS3.

    Who’s in?

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    To have the time would be a fine thing! Anyway Noopti, I’m really looking forward to your entry.:eek: THE SONG! I MEAN THE IMAGE!:o

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    Lets just draw a discreet veil over that shall we….. :confused:

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    I’ve just pre-ordered mine!!11! The handle!! Wow, a revolution for sure. I can now carry my revolution around with me, and hope I don’t get physically assaulted!!

    Seriously though, will do a bit of work on this at the weekend, do a few sketches etc and see what I can come up with. Not sure whether to go for Xbox 2 or Revolution at the moment…..

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    Aaron……its……its brilliant. I MUST have one

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    haha…..I love it! :D

    Didn’t get a chance to do anything myself over the weekend, was too busy going to the local public house during the night, and recovering during the day…. :p

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    Heres the new controller !! :D

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    N-Gage QD2

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